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START HERE!! This class is the basic fundamentals of cooking. You will learn different cooking techniques that save you time and money (Sauteing, Braising, Roasting, Poaching, etc). You will learn how to save money while cooking your favorite meals. You also get insider information to professional secrets as well and John's tips and tricks to maximize flavor without overspending. Register for class today by clicking on the button below.
It is amazing how much we forget over time, now its time to dive deeper and really cut down that food budget! Do you want to save more money with John? Here's the class that will do just THAT. Learn EXTREME money saving tips in this course. And eat like a king or queen! History pun intended!
Travel the world and taste new exotic flavors. Using simple ingredients you will learn different cooking techniques from around the globe. John will show you how improvisation in the kitchen will stimulate your creativity impressing your guests and even your own taste buds.
Dive deep in what it truly means to cook ingredients from the farm and nature. Let's learn recipes together and discuss topics of, gardening, sustainability, regenerative farming, and using every ounce of food to reduce food waste. As you know, food waste is "cash in the trash" and I will teach you everything you need to know to save that moolah in the kitchen.
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This diner is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so put another dime in the Jukekebox, Baby. That will be just peachy keen! Join me as we learn the many diner favorites such as Eggs Benedict, Patty Melts, Milkshakes, and Blueberry Pie! I teach you some of the best diner foods and the hacks to replicate these at home! 
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Mama Mia! I forgot to teach you one of the most international foods in my World Cuisine course. PIZZA! Learn the many styles of pizza from NY-style to Chicago deep dish, using my versatile dough recipes and many sauce recipes to make pizzeria style pizza at home!
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Bread making is is an essential art in my kitchen and I want to share with you many of the loaves I make on a weekly basis. Join me as I make a multitude of breads (French baguette, focaccia, pretzels and more) in this course, many of the the recipes I share are dummy "proof." Pun intended! And as always, many recipes require very little ingredients, and all ingredients you can find in your own pantry already!