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"One of the best foraging tours in the Northeast."- Geneva Monaghan

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I'm so excited to share my cookbook with you! In my book I teach the many common, overlooked, renewable wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms that people often destroy as “weeds.” By studying foraging and participating in nature in this non-destructive manner, we can increase our enjoyment of nature, grow healthier, and reaffirm our commitment to preserving and rebuilding our ecological riches. 

ABOUT: Take a walk with me! This hands-on environmental program focuses on common wild plants, putting people in touch with their surrounding environment and motivating them to understand science and to practice conservation. Participants get to see, touch, smell, and taste representative species of the wild edible and medicinal herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, roots, and mushrooms that constitute the backbone of our local ecosystems. In addition to the many specimens that we can find on a field walk, We will begin to see the importance to why we should use these in our daily diet.

Few of us are familiar with these common renewable resources, or with their identification, natural history, food and medicinal uses, or with the folklore and science associated with them. Because we live in an age when environmental issues are crucial, we must do more than provide textbook information if we expect people to understand and appreciate the natural world and to play responsible role in conservation.

During the presentation, I approach wild plants from various perspectives. I begin with plant identification, emphasizing key characteristics, so everyone can recognize the various species. I include botanical and ecological concepts, and use stories and humor to impart life to the information. Tales come from natural and human history, as well as from my personal experience. 


  • Small Ziplocs or Baggies-for vegetables and herbs

  • Small paper sandwich bags for mushrooms, which spoil in plastic

  • Plastic container (yogurt-sized) for berries of late spring, summer, and fall

  • Drinking water

  • Optional: Small Digging trowel for roots in early spring and autumn

  • An extra layer of warm clothing in cold weather

  • Comfortable shoes. No sandals. Waterproof footwear if it has been raining heavily, and rain gear (umbrella) if there's a chance of rain

  • Pen and paper for note-taking (optional)

  • Rubber gloves for black walnuts and ginkgo nuts in autumn

  • Gratuity for instructor-please don't forget!

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times.

  • All Local COVID-19 regulations apply. Limit to 4 persons on each tour


  • 60-90 minute program.

  • Guided casual walking tour. (Putnam CT location is wheelchair accessible)

  • Seasonal Recipe and Tasting, Live Cooking Demonstration.

  • Autographed Copy of my cookbook. Also available for Digital Download HERE.

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Book A Tour



MARCH 27, 2022 STERLING, NY (Nature Center) 10AM

APRIL, 2022 STERLING, NY (Nature Center)



MAY 29, 2022 PUTNAM, CT (Kennedy Drive) 10AM 

JUNE 26, 2022 PUTNAM, CT (Kennedy Drive) 10AM


JULY 25, 2022 PUTNAM, CT (Kennedy Drive) 10AM 

AUGUST 22, 2022 PUTNAM, CT (Old Rail Park) 10AM 

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 PUTNAM, CT (Old Rail Park) 10AM 

Call 315-402-6061 and book your tour today! You must book your tour at least 10 days in advance. Cost is $30 per adult, $10 per child/senior.  

I have been to John Grouber's forage tour and have found it to be very informative and fun. His insights to the history of wild food and its practical recipe applications have inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nicholas Malkentzos, Teacher

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