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My Shop of Really Awesome Recommendations

Check out some of my favorite items I have come across while trying to perfect my OCD, undiagnosed Adult ADHD cooking skills.



Atlas Coffee club is for the adventurer at heart. The Coffee Club treats you to coffees from around the world!

Bones Coffee is extreme flavored coffee that is to DIE for!

Herbs And Spices

savory spice seafood lovers.JPG

Grow your own herbs in AeroGarden. A simple self-contained hydroponic system that is easy as 1-2-3.

The BEST selection of herbs, spices, and seasonings! Check it out!

Unique Items and Gifts


D'Artagnan Foods has all the unique ingredients for your kitchen. Don't just take my word for it, just ask Julia Child!


Truth be told I always thought licorice was gross, until I was gifted a package from This is the best company for a selection of worldwide licorice, sours, fruity gummys of ALL TIME!


Organize your tight counter spaces with Prepdeck. The all-in-one solution for making cooking easy!

Beer and Wine Selections


Take it from me, these offerings from Bright Cellars Wine are spot on! And the Craft Beer Club sends you or someone you love beers from around the globe. As Always FREE shipping too!


If you can't wait for your subscription box to arrive, I firmly suggest you stop at Total Wine. Its a store full of the biggest and best selection of wine, spirits, beer and SOOOOO much more. Click the images to find out more about each!



Get your sourdough starter here. And don't forget yogurt, kefir, and kombucha cultures as well. Cultures for Health!


What's better than one source of CBD? Two of course! Infinity CBD has the most incredible edibles and flavored drops available on the market!

For The Kitchen


There are very few counter top appliances that I would recommend beyond a toaster and a coffee pot. But Check out the complete line of appliances from NUWAVE.


Corelle has to be some of my favorite dishware for everyday use and perfect for that unexpected guest at holiday time. Nobody told you that your niece was going to bring her skinny-jean-wearing boyfriend!



After dinner, and after cleaning up, it's the perfect time to gather around the tellie for some wholesome entertainment. Enjoy some of Kevin Sullivan's greatest productions such as Anne of Green Gables and Road To Avonlea. Also grab some of your favorite dinner music CDs or even a nice themed throw pillow. We it all for your family dinner or tea time. Use discount code JOHNGROUBER for 10% off your order.

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