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Bon Appetit's Favorite Chef of 2023 Finalist

your kitchen. your business.
your passion.

Hey there! My name is John Grouber, and this is my little part of the internet that I have built to help the beginner home chef or the experienced dinner-party host create a budget-friendly and stress-free experience in the kitchen. 

I have created several ways for you to learn simple recipes that impress the even the pickiest critics at home. I have authored 2 Cookbooks, and created several series of educational courses under the Cooking with John Grouber Academy umbrella.

The Cooking With John Grouber Academy is an online teaching platform that offers cooking classes to aspiring chefs of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced home chef, I will help you improve your cooking skills and understand the basics of cooking with my fun and engaging classes.

My classes are designed to be educational, yet enjoyable. I will teach you cooking techniques, teach you how to work with different ingredients, show you how to create delicious recipes and provide you with tips to develop your skills as a home chef.


I also offer a course called Food Marketing with John Grouber that focuses on food photography, food blogging, cookbook writing, and much much more.

I'm excited to share my kitchen Techniques and FOOD MARKETING tips with you, let's get started!

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Improve your skills and techniques in the kitchen with   simple recipes and video lessons from the Cooking with John Grouber Courses.

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A complete Masterclass to elevate your social media posts to mouthwatering magazine quality photos with just your smartphone.


I offer a wide variety of personal chef services for your various needs. To see a full list of my personal chef services, click the button below.

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